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Lani Weissbach, Co-Founder

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Soma Movement Arts

We offer a variety of yoga and contemporary dance classes in Erie, Pa., as well as workshops and other personal/professional growth opportunities for anyone interested in exploring the deep connection between body, mind, spirit and feeling. “Soma” is the ancient Greek word for body as perceived by the self, which is the focus of the variety of offerings at our studio. The classes at Soma focus on individual process and learning organically through exploration, growing the self and increasing capability along the way. At the same time, we will pay attention to relatedness and community, as the self does not only grow alone, but in relation to others.


What makes Soma Movement Arts unique?

 At Soma, we make the rich and varied traditions of dance, yoga and conscious movement from East and West accessible to people with all levels of experience. Our classes offer students a firm grounding in various movement traditions , while at the same time provide contemporary and individualized applications. Through regular weekly classes as well as master classes with local and out-of-town guest teachers, students will have the opportunity to explore many aspects of conscious movement and living through dance, somatics, yoga, bodywork and more.

 At Soma, the teacher’s role is to guide, and the goal is to empower each student to become his/her own best teacher. With a focus on individual process and growth, our classes are small and allow for personal attention, if desired. Private sessions are also available.

 Our group and private offerings at Soma are designed to:

  • Bring more clarity, freedom and pleasure into your own life
  • Re-pattern dysfunctional movement
  • Build self-awareness by learning to tune in and focus
  • Broaden imagination to awaken creativity
  • Increase balance, ease, and dynamic power and strength in mind and body
  • Develop the ability to be in the present, not looking back with regret or forward with anticipation
  • Challenge real and perceived limitations and move through them with kindness toward yourself
  • Create a compassionate container for you to be seen, heard and acknowledged as you learn and grow


Choreography by Angela DiFiore (Body in Motion Class)


  20160128_191946  20151117_192526 (1)  20151117_192942 Lani in twisting forward fold
 20160203_200132 (1) Donation Tuesday Class with Pat 2-16-16  20151216_191406           20160203_195714-1  20160203_195427 20160302_195657-1   Christi in Svarga Dvijasana (Bird of Paradise)  20150806_192428  Lisa leading the class in vrksasana Traci and Tina in Ustrasana (camel pose)
Tina in Marichyasana A Laura and Lani Nate and R J in Siralamba Sarvangasana 20150723_192853 20150716_194257

Soma Movement Arts

2601 Peach Street, 2nd Floor, Erie, Pennsylvania
Directly above Ink Assassins Tattoo
Enter through door on 26th Street side of building
Parking available at the Raven Building Parking Lot
Located one building South of the studio
at 2617 Peach Street